JollyKeys System

What are the JollyKeys?

To help you with your exchanges in case it is not possible to do it reciprocally, we have created the JollyKeys system. You will be able to stay at another member's home without them staying at yours. You will transfer as many JollyKeys as nights you enjoy at their home. Then, your host can use them to travel to some other destination of their choice.

How do I get the JollyKeys?

When you register your home and become part of the community, you will receive 3 JollyKeys as a welcome gift. If you verify your account, you will receive 2 extra JollyKeys. Thanks to these 5 JollyKeys, you'll be able to try home exchange with The Jolly Guest!

In addition, as a thank you for your generosity, you will also get JollyKeys every time you host a guest from the community in your home, and you don't travel to theirs. In this case, your guest will give you as many JollyKeys as nights spent in your home.

How do I arrange a home exchange with JollyKeys?

Search for available homes in your favorite destination. Use the calendar to filter by availability according your travel dates. Check as many homes as you wish, you will see in their calendar the types of exchanges accepted. This way you will know who wants to exchange their home for JollyKeys.

Send the request to the host, explaining the relevant details for your trip. In the messaging, you will need to modify the type of exchange for JollyKeys if it is not selected in the drop-down menu.

Once your host accepts the exchange, the JollyKeys will be automatically transferred from your account to theirs.

Enjoy your exchange! And don't forget to thank your host for their hospitality.

What is the value of the JollyKeys?

1 JollyKey

1 Night

In the Jolly Guest community, every night has the same value. Traveling is a unique experience, no matter where or when.

For The Jolly Guest, the most important thing about home exchange is trust and hospitality above all else. For this reason, and so that all our members have the same opportunities, our JollyKeys system is linked to the period of stay.

How do I know how many JollyKeys I have?

The number of JollyKeys will always be updated on your profile dashboard.

What do I do if I don't have enough JollyKeys for a home exchange?

If you don't have enough JollyKeys (or the possibility of getting them), you can always propose a simultaneous or non-simultaneous reciprocal exchange to your host.

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