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Welcome to The Jolly Guest, the leading platform in the spirit of home exchange with which you will travel around the world, in an easier, safer and more friendly way.

My family and I have traveled home swapping all over the world and that has made us love home exchange. To this day, we cannot conceive of any other way of traveling and for this reason, we decided to create The Jolly Guest, a totally altruistic exchange community in which human sentiment, trust and generosity prevail over any other value.

Do you want to know us better? Here you can read "Who we are".
Feel the true spirit of home exchange with us, join the community and start enjoying.


You can find us on our Facebook page and also in our exclusive group, where we tell you about every news and members share all their doubts or experiences. You just have to enter HERE and join.

The Jolly Guest was created for the love of home exchange and to enjoy it with thousands of people. For this reason, there is no annual payment or fee and we only ask you to use the community as well as the web correctly to continue growing in a healthy, respectful and friendly way.

Of course! The more the better. The more people we are the better, and the more opportunities we will have to exchange in different places. You will receive 1 Extra JollyKeys for each friend who joins the comunity. You can see all the information here.

About the User Zone

It's very easy, go to this link and follow the steps:

1. Create your user account by entering your email and password
2. Complete your profile
3. List your house
4. Become a verified member
5. Start enjoying new trips!

We take very seriously the privacy of our, that's why your personal information will only be given to your host or guest once you have agreed an exchange.

No. Only the photo you choose as your cover picture will be shown publicly on the web. The rest of the photos and information about your home can only be viewed by registered members of TheJolly Guest community.

No, a single home can only belong to one profile.

Yes, you can have as many homes registered on your profile as you wish.

If you are temporarily unable to exchange your home, you can leave your calendar blank.

If you are temporarily unable to exchange your home, you can leave your calendar blank.

It is the verification badge, which is very important for users. It means that email, phone and home are verified by The Jolly Guest team.

  1. Verify your email address with the email you receive when you register.
  2. Verify your username and home in this link 

Of course, you just have to write to us at explaining your needs.

About the house

You can exchange any type of home, whether it is your primary residence or your vacation house. You can even offer your bungalow, recreational vehicle or boat, there is no more fun experience!

Of course you can! As long as it is specified in the ad and your guest knows that you will be there during his/her stay.

No problem for us! You can exchange your home with peace of mind and under the legal framework even as a tenant. However, you should check the terms of your contract and/or talk to your landlord before starting the exchange.

Just send your last supply bill (power or water) to . The team will verify your home.

Keeping the exchange calendar up to date will make it easier for your home to appear in the search results.

About exchanges

When sending a home exchange request, you will be able to select the property from the drop-down menu in the contact form.

Every time you contact with other member, the messaging function will be activated and you will be able to chat. The conversation will be automatically saved. We recommend using it whenever you need to ask your host or guest a question.

All exchanges must be agreed within the platform in order to be properly registered, but once the date of your trip approaches, you can always keep a closer communication through another channel.

Once you have chosen your destination, contact the host and send them a friendly message. Explain the reason of your trip, how many people will be traveling and any details you think are relevant. This builds trust and increases the chances of achieving the exchange.

We know that traveling in good company can be funnier. The Jolly Guest does not put any obstacle as long as the person requesting the exchange, is registered on the platform and offers his home. However, the final decision is always made by the host who will receive you in his home. Therefore, it is with him whom you should discuss the conditions of the exchange. 

Yes, when you register your home there is the option to mark "dog, cat or gluten free home". So, when the search filter is activated with any of these three options, only the homes free of allergies will be shown.

Of course, in the search filter you can select the option "pets welcome". This way, it will be much easier for you to find homes where they will always be welcome. 

You can narrow down the home exchange search by activating the filters you need, such as the number of people you will be traveling, if they accept pets, if you are allergic to cats or if you need an elevator.

However, we recommend activating only the necessary filters, so as not to limit the results too much.

In the same way that you offer your home to a family, that family also gives up theirs. We all share the same philosophy in the home exchange community and it is based on trust, respect and communication.

Of course, there are no limits when it comes to exchanging as long as both host and guest agree. However, if you decide to exchange your vehicle, talk to your insurance company beforehand so that they can inform you about the coverage.

No, any mandatory financial transaction is forbidden at The Jolly Guest. If as a guest you need a service for convenience (e.g. cleaning at the end of the exchange), you can always discuss it with your host. This will never be a service that the guest is obliged to pay for, as a condition of the exchange.

Before closing an exchange, remember that communication is the most important thing. Any questions should be discussed with your host or guest. Unless any other agreement is reached, the recommendation is to prepare your home beforehand so that your guests find it in perfect condition. At their departure, they should leave your home in the same way as they found it.

You only have to leave a free space in the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms so that your guests can keep their personal belongings. Although exchanges are based on trust and sharing your home, you can always keep aside what you consider private.

If it is not possible to do it personally, there are always other options: such as ask to a friend, neighbor or relative. You can also send a set of keys by post mail in advance or install a box with a security code.

About the JollyKeys

To help you in your exchanges in case it is not possible to do it reciprocal, we created the JollyKeys system. You will be able to stay at another member's home without them staying at yours. You will transfer as many JollyKeys as nights you stay at their home. Your host can use them to travel to other destination of their choice.

For full details on how to use the JollyKeys and how to get them, see this file.

About cancellations

Canceling an exchange always generates serious extortion in travel plans, therefore, it is only advisable to cancel it due to force majeure, and always discuss it with your guest or host beforehand. Remember that good communication is the basis of home exchange.

You should always keep in mind that a cancellation with advance notification, and due to force majeure, is not the same as a last minute cancellation, due to a change of decision. Therefore, if you cancel your exchange as a guest, the decision to return the JollyKeys will be up to your host. In that case, your host must write us an email with your personal data, exchange code and cancellation reason. Our team will return the JollyKeys to your account.

In the case that you, as a host, have to cancel an exchange, the JollyKeys will automatically be returned to your guest so that he or she can find an alternative exchange.

Contact with The Jolly Guest team

We are very close! Send us an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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